Ike:  Yeah, I know him for a long time ago . Sometimes Cartman’s family visit South Park on Holidays, and this is why I know him and we’re quite good friends. Even that he can be a little annoying and a jerk, he’s still ok. He reminds me of his cousin, but he doesn’t have the “evil” side of him.

It’s pretty interesting that people remember this kind of characters.  I remember him, he’s on the episode where the boys visit Nebraska, where Cartman’s family lives, and he was pretty funny (and with his fudgesicle).

I think that his personality will be as Cartman’s , but without the antisemitic-racist thing. He can be egocentric, gullible, selfish, etc. but he’s a sweet guy to hang out with. He and Ike are good friends even that they don’t talk too much. I imagine that Eric would take Elvin away from Ike when they’re together, and also tell him that he shouldn’t hang out with a jew because they’re “little rats” that  no one trust them (I need make a comic of it)

Too bad there isn’t so much fanart of him (there’s only one blog of him and it’s good). It would be great if anyone could draw him one day.